Write two paragraphs, one as reflection and one as direction for your Module 2 Project,

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Write two paragraphs, one as reflection and one as direction for your Module 2 Project, addressing the following prompts.

Reflection: Thus far, we have watched Beyond Food and the review of it by Alexandra Hepworth. And we have read Dr. David Ludwig’s “Lifespan Weighed Down by Diet.” First, paste a copy of your group solution to the group puzzle tasked in the Module 2 Session 1 overview live recorded video. Next, think about the argument and societal context for Ludwig, describe what you think might be the attitude and condition of the American population relevant to what Ludwig is discussing. Comment on what you think the word, “Beyond,” is meant to allude to in the title of the documentary. Remember to copy your group’s solution to the “group puzzle” tasked in the Module 1 Session 1 video into the top of your reflection.

Direction: Select a part of Beyond Food that you like (biohacking, raw foodies, paleo/raw advocates, foraging, grass fed beef ranching, or composting). Read, if you haven’t already, the Evaluate Arguments document (Module 2 Argument Evaluation Readings and PromptModule 2 Readings). Briefly evaluate how effective you think this section is at persuading the intended viewer identified in your above Reflection. Also evaluate how well it fits our American culture with the underlying assumption of individualism. Does the argument align with the ideas that we control our own destinies, are self-sufficient, and/or personally responsible?

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