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write a discussion one for me and one for my friend do not use the same words please

and 2 response for me and 2 for my friend

According to the American College of Sports and Medicine (ACSM), adults should strive for at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity and twice a week strength training exercise of all major muscle groups. Do you meet these guidelines? What are some barriers or obstacles for college students in being physically active? Are these barriers internal or external forces? What are solutions to overcome these barriers, be specific.

Reminder – The questions above are to be used to fuel your discussions. You may add more to the conversation as it relates to physical activity. Be sure to submit your original post at least 3 days before the due date for full timeliness points.


1- Exercise In College


Being a student in college is already hard enough due to all the new people that you will be meeting. You have to adjust, and just like with exercising you have to adjust to new eating habits too. In high school your schedule is created for you, all you have to do is attend the class while you went home to a cooked meal made by your mom. In college, it is not like that at all you pick your own classes, food is created for you and half the time it’s nasty which leads you to fast food. A way to become more physically active is finding a partner to work out with. This can be very beneficial for the both of you. Having that support system will encourage you to workout more. Most students are bad at managing their time. You can use a schedule to plan out your day and include your workout schedule. As a student-athlete and a cadet of the ROTC program, I believe I do make a minimum of 2 and a half hours of exercise a day. However, that’s not the same for others, I tend to do well with my time management so I can guarantee that I can participate in all the things I want. Unlike other students, there are ways where many can be active. One reason, in my opinion, is due to many students have low self-esteem regarding to their body size. In some cases, it makes people not want to go to the gym due to all the criticism.

2-The largest barrier keeping college students from being more physically active is, I think time management. Students have to divide their time in a lot of ways. Some are able to fit exercising in their schedule and some unfortunately don’t. All of us as students should find time to exercise,it should not be an option because we all need it, in order to stay healthy.

3-I do not meet the guidelines of the ACMSM. Some obstacles I face as a college students to meet the guidelines are having the time between working, going to class, studying, doing assignments, and everything in between. I do exercise but it is rare. My exercising usually consists of jogging or walking for about a half an hour or so once or twice a week. Some barriers are internal like keeping yourself motivated. Other are external. A solution to overcome these barriers is to make time by adjusting your schedule. Find out ways to motivate yourself if it is really something you want to accomplish or make a routine.

4-I do not meet the ACSM guidelines for adults, I would like to but right now is not a good time. I lost motivation because I wasn’t changing my eating habits which doesn’t help at all. Other than my internal reasoning, college is pretty stressful right now with all the homework. Maybe I will start back up this summer and actually change my diet and do better. I honestly need to keep myself motivated all through summer and hopefully for the next 3 years.

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