write a reflection about Stress in moder life

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Directions: Reflect on (think about) one of the following prompts and write your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Use full sentences, correct spelling, and proper punctuation. The purpose of this assignment is to think deeply about the topic and how it relates to psychology, your learning, and life in modern society.

Please do not use one- or two-sentence paragraphs. Give details to support your ideas, comments. Relate to theories and information presented in lecture and your textbook. If relevant, demonstrate how learning specific new theories affected your preconceptions, misconceptions, and/or behavior. Be sure to use citations in APA style when quoting from textbook or other sources.

Submit and upload through Canvas as a Word Document no later than Sept 11, 8am. Your reflection should be double spaced and two pages long (word count = 500 – 750).

Refer to the Rubric.

Here is a quick guide to APA Style for references and citations.

https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/in_text_citations_author_authors.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Email me with questions.

Answer one of the following:

  1. Have you, or someone you know well, experienced any stressors related to cultural factors? Discuss their challenges, stress as they perceive(d) it, how they coped or met the challenges and outcomes, and how it may have changed their lives positively or negatively. Discuss the contributions of culture to their experience of stress. If you are sharing someone else’s story be sure to get their permission first.


  1. What are some positive effects you have experienced as the result of a stressful event? Be sure to relate your discussion to theories and ideas presented in class and the textbook. Only share what you are comfortable sharing.
  2. Rubric
    Above Expectations 5-4 Meets Expectations 3 – 2 Approaching Expectations 1 Not Present 0
    Reflective Thinking Well-rounded paper in that experiences, theories, learning and writers’ reflections are tied together and explained from the writer’s point-of-view Reflection answers the prompt and explains the behavioral process, but could benefit with more detail in tying ideas together to answer the prompt Reflection attempts to answer the prompt but is vague in relating student’s own thinking as it relates to learning Reflection does not address the prompt
    Examples are connected to Ideas, Theories in Textbook Analysis and value of experiences are related to theories and ideas discussed in class and lecture at least three times Analysis is connected to some theories or ideas in the text or lecture only once or twice Attempts to analyze the learning experience to theories but parts are unclear Does not relate experiences to theories
    Grammatically CorrectFull Word Count, Proper Format Free of grammatical errors.Followed directions, and citation in proper APA style included Some grammatical errors (5).Full word count, proper format, but APA Style citation lacking Many grammatical errors ( > 5, <= 10).Close to full word count, format is close to correct, no citation More than 10 or assignment not done.Word count is 50% or less than the requirement, no APA
    Examples, Thoroughness Uses at least three examples and details to support ideas Uses two examples and some details to support ideas Uses one example with little detail to support ideas Does not use examples

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