Write a critical analysis of The Taming of the Shrew

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Write a critical analysis of The Taming of the Shrew. Focus on one dominant theme or motif. Begin by anchoring your discussion and analysis in the specifics of a single passage, scene, moment, or episode, but then move outward from there. Show how your selected passage is either a tautology or a destabilizer of the same theme/motif elsewhere in the play.

Requirement 1
Locate at least two peer-reviewed items (either books or journals) and integrate one short quote from each of these into your paper at least one time each. You can (and should) consider using some of the critical essays at the back of the Norton edition of The Taming of the Shrew, but do not count any of these as part of your required two.

Requirement 2
It is important to demonstrate that you’ve learned something about voice from They Say, I Say, and that you can articulate ideas in your own critical voice while still contextualizing your opinion in the context of what other critics have said.

Requirement 3
Your analysis/interpretation must include some discussion of a cinematic or theatrical dramatizations of your chosen theme or motif. Alternatively, it could also be the cover of a book cover from a particular edition or a poster for a play or movie production, as long as that cover sheds some light on how one might interpret your chosen theme or motif. Be clear in the use of visual rhetoric in your analysis.

For cinema, use the language mentioned in Some Cinematic Terms and, if appropriate, in the document entitled, Narratology terms. For visual rhetoric, start with the material under “Readings to Be Completed” in week 8.

You are responsible for organizing your essay and you will be evaluated on that and on the logical transparency and thoroughness of your argument. You MUST use specific textual evidence (i.e.: quotations) to support your claims. Unsubstantiated claims will not be accepted. If the text doesn’t explicitly state what you want to show, then you must paraphrase in your own voice to say what you think is implied (sub-text) and WHY you think that (transparency of thought process).

Requirement 4
Formatting and Works Cited should follow MLA 8th edition, 2016.

Requirement 5
Read all of the submission requirements on the assignments page. Penalties for submission or formatting each and every infraction will be applied.

Requirement 6
Double check your work against the Essay Errors document to make sure you have not fallen into any of the errors listed there.

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