​Write a 1500 word APA style research paper that discusses the topic of international expansion.

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Write a 1500 word APA style research paper that discusses the topic of international expansion. Your focus should be to build a philosophical understanding of globalization and it potential for business as well as for opening opportunities for faith expression. The research must include the following points:

(a) Identify a specific product or service that you would be a benefit to market to another part of the world outside of the North American market.

(b) Discuss some of the challenges and issues on expanding into other parts of the world, as are mentioned in the first few chapters of the text: the differences of international vs. domestic business; compelling reasons for entering foreign markets; scope and impact of trade; etc.

(c) Examine and discuss some of the current challenges facing a potential country in which you would consider expansion, whether they be financial, economic, or cultural. But you should stay fairly broad in your approach.

(d) Verbalize a Biblical perspective on the impact of globalization on business opportunities. This is meant to be your opportunity to integrate your view of faith and business.

(e) Articulate your personal position on international expansion i.e., are you for, against or take a balanced view of international expansion, include several examples to support your position.

Note: The last sentence in part d in the directions, states “See some of the references to “Business as Mission” in the references.” You can use the Christian Broadcast Network sites as resources for this, such as http://www1.cbn.com/six-ways-get-involved-business-missions-movement-0 or searching at http://www1.cbn.com/cbn-search?search_term=Business%20as%20Missions&site=default_collection

Global Business, 4thEdition (Cengage Learning US, 2017). Mike Peng. ISBN: 9781305500891.

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