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ESSAYS: Choose FOUR out of the FIVE following questions. . Each question deserves at least one FULL PAGE of material. All pages must be SINGLE SPACED . You may write multiple pages per essay answer. Actually, I encourage it because it helps me defend your efforts. Please answer each question FULLY.


Films of Study
Run Lola Run, Amelie, Pan’s Labyrinth, Dunkirk, Ghost in the Shell, Hero, In the Mood

for Love, Slumdog Millionaire, Y Tu Mamá También, Whale Rider, Taxi, Moonlight

  • 1)Broken Narratives: Name THREE FILMS and describe the unconventional nature of these narratives? How are they different from one another? What cinematic technique(s), style, or movement(s) are utilized to disrupt these narratives and why or how is it significant to the story. Please be specific to the proper film terminology.
  • 2)Mise-en-scene: Name THREE FILMS and describe the “mise-en-scene” to each film. Be specific to its aesthetics. How or why are these aesthetics significant to the character(s) and/or the narrative. Lastly, provide examples of the “mise-en-scene” from each film that validates the significance to the character(s) and/or narrative.
  • 3)Sexuality/Gender/Feminism: Name THREE FILMS and describe how sexuality is represented. In the postmodernist sense, how are these sexual representations deconstructed. For example, think of the “hierarchical order” of these characters and ask yourself how are these narrative positions complicated. In other words, how are these characters “disobedient” under the context of a conventional narrative. Name THREE PROTAGONISTS that demonstrate these revisionist representations.
  • 4)Coming of Age: Name THREE FILMS and explain the narrative arc of the characters. Be “specific” to each character and provide detailed examples of their development.
  • 5)Symbolism/Intertextuality: Name THREE FILMS that utilize metaphoric imagery and/or textuality. For example, think of moments in the film in which thematic consistencies reoccur. Do these consistencies inherit symbolic meaning? Do these images (or characters) suggest an intertextual intent that invites narrative texture to the story or its protagonist? Please be specific.

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