Workplace Privacy

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In this chapter we learned that the language of laws that cover workplace privacy and the monitoring of employee communications becomes obsolete quickly as technology changes.

The discussion assignment for this unit entails sharing with your classmates your knowledge and opinion of workplace privacy laws and policies.

Please note: I already have an answer for number one, so if you can answer Two and Three only that would be great! BUT first read the information so you have an idea of what the discussion is about.


In this online forum, limit your discussion to policies related to workplace communications—by e-mail, the Internet, and the telephone. Although you may choose your own source, suggested sites for information are Nolo: Law for All and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

1. Use the policies of your own workplace as a starting point for discussion. Include why the policy was put in place—if you know why—and discuss whether employees generally agree or disagree with the policy. Remember you do not have to answer question 1, since I have an idea of what to put here

JUST Answer 2 AND 3 in about 150 words each. Use more if needed. Do not forget to number the questions answered

2. Enhance the discussion by conducting research, either in print or online, to learn about the latest workplace privacy policies and related legislation. Share with your class what you learn. (Be sure to include the source of the information in your discussion.)

3. Discuss whether you think employees are adequately protected or whether employers have too much freedom to monitor communications. Always support your opinion with facts.

***If it helps at my company, which is a corporate childcare company we have policies for all three (e.g. e-mail, the Internet, and the telephone) that are in place and I do know why of course so you can skip question one. Help with two and three would be nice.

Thanks…… Also, No plagiarism allowed!!!

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