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Will traditional print books go away? It is the essay title, and you just need to fill out the argument template(I upload on upload file area).

The belowing is instruction that helps you to understand better about some parts of argument template.

Claim – What to do

A claim is the start of any position. To begin, make a claim that you truly believe and feel that you can support with evidence. It should be a short statement that you will try to prove is true, and that is not just based on your opinion. It should also be a statement that others might reasonably believe is false. In other words your claim should be controversial.

Reasons – What to do

Reasons are what lead you to believe your claim. They are the support or evidence you will offer to help others believe that your claim is true. A good set of reasons provides definitive proof of your claim. Even if the reader does not personally believe them, good reasons makes sense and are compelling.

Reasons are the backbone of any argument you make, so it is important that you think about all the reasons someone might agree with your claim and choose the best ones to argue your position. There are many different types of reasons you can give that are valid and will support your argument. [insert logos, ethos, pathos here]

Remember that the most compelling reasons are also verified by someone else. In other words, include credible outside sources to prove that you are not just basing everything off of your own opinion. If you are not sure what a credible source is, check the linked resources below for explanations.

Counter Arguments – What to do

A counter argument is a reason someone might believe that your reason is not true. If your claim is controversial, then it is possible to argue against your reasons for believing your claim. For each reason you offer you need to anticipate one of the main reasons someone might think differently. The most important thing about counter-claims is that you state them in a way that is fair and does not prejudge them.

Rebuttals – What to do

A rebuttal argues that the counter argument is not true. For each counter argument you provide, you need to decide how to argue against it and so discredit it.

Connections – What to do

Connections connect your reasons to your claim. Your claim is supported by your reasons. That means that if a reason is true, the claim is more likely to be true. But what is the connection? Why, if the reason is true, is the claim true? Your connection explains this relationship. A good connection makes the reader say “I get the connection and even if I don’t fully agree, the connection is clearly there.”

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