Why should the lady’s driving record be an issue?, Week 7 discussion help

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Just Who Do You Think You Are?


This story drives right to the essence of our discussions this week. For whom do public safety and public law enforcement officers work, scholars?

Add more flavor, where we see a representative of a police organization – engaging against a member of the public who has a valid argument.

Why should the lady’s driving record be an issue?

Does everyone see how this attack on credibility of the member of the public is not directed at the substance of whether she was correct or incorrect about the officer’s actions?

I suspect this is going to raise some great points for argument and discussion!

Support your opinion/position…and enjoy!

Dr. Davis



Miami FOP Union Pres. Calls Out Driver Who Pulled Over Cop

The Miami Fraternal Order of Police union president has taken to social media to call out the driver who pulled over a cop because he was apparently speeding.

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