Why is astrology accurate/real?

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This assignment asks you to listen to the conversation about your Culture/Media topic (via Twitter and your précis) and contribute to that discourse by taking a stand. Using good logic and reasoning, as well as at least 3 sources, please defend your final position on your Unit One: Culture/Media topic, using all the research you have compiled so far!

To be successful, do the following:

  • Start with a strong claim that will act as a road map for your main argument paragraphs.
  • Define the issue thoroughly for your reader and explain why it is significant.
  • Support your argument with evidence and solid reasoning (twitter, précis, etc.)
  • Acknowledge other viewpoints and the other side.
  • Avoid personal attacks and sweeping generalizations, and establish strong ethos by being honest.
  • Use strong imagery and precise language to argue your position.
  • Your essay should have an intro with attention grabber, claim, overview, and context (definition); 5+body paragraphs with topic sentences and transitions; sourcework to support your claim; a strong conclusion that does NOT summarize your essay, but rather ends on a strong, powerful note (and does not use the words “In Conclusion.”)

Your essay should be in MLA format, 3-4 pages, typed, TNR font, 1 inch margins, with INTEGRATED QUOTES, in-text citations, and a complete works cited.

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