What was one impact that the telegraph had on the development of the city?, history homework help

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What was one impact that the telegraph had on the development of the city?

How was the Erie Canal conceived and in what ways did it contribute the rise of
New York as a commercial hub?

In what way did the New York city grid effect the character of the city’s

What were some of the perceptions freed blacks had of New York? Did these
perceptions change?

Discuss one way that the heterogeneous identity of New York express itself?

How did commerce and industry contribute to the character of New York?

How did the close proximity of residence buildings within the city impact race

How was life in the city different from that of the Deep South?

Consider one way that life in the city shaped and/or helped develop distinctive
values within its residence.

In what ways was life in a northern city similar to that of the southern
plantation? Were there an shared experiences which defined these two regions?

How did technology and communication impact life in the city?

How did immigration impact the developing character of New York?

What role does the STYLE of this documentary play in the overall presentation
of the source CONTENT? What stylistic devices, or methods, do you feel are the
most effective in presenting this story?

What is the main point (i.e., the essence or punch line) of the film?

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