Week 4 Infants Nutritional Needs Essay

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Assignment Instructions

Question #1:  explain the changing nutritional needs for infants in the 2 years.  Explain what they would typically be expected to eat in the following ages: 

Birth to 6 months: 

6-11 months:

1 year to 24 months:

  • Questions #2:  Describe benefits of breastfeeding to the infant and mother. 
  • Question #3: Describe some reasons that mothers may have difficulty breastfeeding and explain the only alternative to breastfeeding.  
  • Question #4:  Application: 

Apply the information about nutrition and infant feeding to a personal experience or family tradition. 

You may share an experience your family told you about yourself as an infant or you may explain about your own child or interview a family member. 

Share any personal experience about infant feeding from your family or culture. 

Examples:  What was your first solid food?  What was the food you liked the best as an infant?  Did the family breast fed or formula fed?  How long?   Does your family have any traditions related to feeding a baby?  If so, describe them.  How did the family decide what to feed, when to feed & how to feed the baby?  

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