Week 14 Discussion Group 4

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dentify and give the historical importance of two or more of the following terms, events, and people in a paragraph for each chapter. Submit at least one paragraph for each list of terms by Tuesday at 2pm. By Thursday, 2pm read and comment on one of your classmate’s short essays. Include whether or not you agree that the term and explanation realize a significant interpretation to the US History from 1820-1861.

Chapter 12 Utopianism and Reform


1. Abby Kelley

2. William Lloyd Garrison

3. institution building

4. Shakers

5. Oneida

6. freedom celebrations

7. common schools

8. American Colonization Society

9. Grimké-Beecher debate

10. Declaration of Sentiments

11. Elijah Lovejoy

12. burned-over districts

Chapter 13 A House Divided 1840-1861

1. Californios and Tejanos

2. “free labor” ideology

3. Republican Party

4. Free Soil

5. John Brown

6. Mexican Cession

7. Bleeding Kansas

8. Lincoln-Douglas debates

9. filibustering

10. Dred Scott decision

11. Compromise of 1850

12. Wilmot Proviso

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