Week 1: Discussion 1 Prewriting, writing homework help

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Week 1: Discussion 1

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Discussion 1 – Prewriting

First post due by Wednesday, 11:59p.m. (MT), and at least two additional posts or responses by Saturday, 11:59 p.m. (MT) (60 points).

Due Dates and Participation Requirements

Learning Objectives Covered

  • Practice and use the first step of the writing process, specifically prewriting methods (brainstorming, outlining, mapping, and free writing), to generate ideas for the paper.


Please make sure you review the media for Week One before beginning your work.


This course is designed to teach the process of writing. There are a variety of processes that work for different individuals–or even the same individual using different processes depending on the writing needs. The topic of this discussion forum is Prewriting. Prewriting is the writing done before you actually start to write your paper. The objective with this discussion forum is to explore the different ways of prewriting to find an activity that works well for you. Prewriting exercises explored in this forum include free-writing, brainstorming, mapping, and questioning. These exercises will also help you decide on a topic for your final paper.

Before you get started, review the reading on Prewriting or see examples of prewriting activities hereView in a new window.

Prep Work

Step 1: Choose a topic angle.

During this course, you will move through several steps in the writing process. At the end of this course, you will produce a final draft of your paper. For this week’s assignment, you will select one of three assigned topics, but you will choose an angle that is unique to you. The topic you select this week will be what you write on for the remainder of the course. This topic will be used in several assignments as we walk through the writing process [prewriting, writing, revision, and editing] each week.


  • Is it more important to have soft skills or hard skills? Support your claim with research, including how either soft skills or hard skills are used in your career. **Please note, you must decided if either soft skills or hard skills are more important in this paper. Do NOT reuse assignments or material from previous courses.**
  • How do the skills you’re learning in General Education courses apply to your future career? Support your paper with research (ex. communication, soft skills, importance of time management, etc.)
  • Write a research paper convincing a friend, family member, or coworker to consider earning a college degree. Identify 3-5 reasons why someone should be a college graduate.

There are many ways to approach each topic, so find an angle that interests you. Using a prewriting activity, or activities, can help you determine which is the best topic for you.

Step 2: Prewrite about your topic.

Choose a prewriting activity – free-writing, brainstorming, mapping or questioning. Perform the activity using the topic you chose in step 1.

Some questions to consider as you prewrite:

What do you already know about the topic? What interests you about the topic?
Where might you learn more about the topic? (Friends? Family?)
What sources would be helpful in learning about this topic?

***For your essay, you will need three reasons to support your topic. You should start thinking about these reasons now as you prewrite. These reasons will be the supporting points in your thesis statement and the body of your paper. For your assignment this week, you will need to list these reasons as well.***

Discussion Prompt

Step 3: Post in the forum.

Once you finish a prewriting activity, post in the discussion forum about your efforts.

  • What prewriting activity or activities did you do?
  • Why did you select the prewriting activity or activities that you did?
  • What was hard about the activity?
  • What was easy about the activity?
  • Explain your reasons for selecting your topic, and how the prewriting process helped you in exploring the topic.

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