web page assessment

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Use what you have learned in the previous assignments and create a three page web page project. The content of your website should be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and utilize modified tables for organization.

The topic of your web pages will be about you and your journey through the course to this point. Get creative and add things about yourself, things you like, some of the work you have created during the course. Think of this as a way to show off and toot your own horn.

Additionally, the following minimum requirements must be met:

  • There must be a home page and at least two other linked pages that you have created in Word. I must be able to navigate between all three pages by only selecting the links.
  • There must be links to at least one each of:
    • a document file
    • an image file
    • a video or audio file
    • an external web site
    • email address contact
  • Copy and paste your source code for the home page only into a new document and include it with your folder submission.

Be sure to follow the rubric!

Compress your project folder into a zip file and upload ONLY the zip file to the assignment link above (Web Page Assessment). All files must be inside your project folder!

  1. If your zipped file is larger than 100MB or larger, then it is too big. Find a smaller video file, rel-link, then zip the folder again.
  2. If your zipped folder is around 20MB, it might take a whole Minute to upload – longer with a larger file. Do NOT close the browser during this time)

Be sure to follow the rubric!

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