Ways to prevent Concussions

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Minimum: 8 pages and 8-10 sources

This is the cumulation of the past few weeks’ work. You’ll need to write a professional and well-written argument on a specific topic that was approved in week two. You cannot change your topic after the third week. If the paper you submit does not match the approved topic, you cannot earn higher than 50% on this paper.


You’ll need to choose a topic that connects to your major. Given that everyone’s major is different, I’m not going to list examples here: talk to me if you want some of them for your specific major. But, here is a list of the requirements and things to consider when picking your topic.

  • You must argue a specific stance or opinion on that issue, such as how it could have been prevented or made better, how it has (or will) affect your field, how people in your field can take this and move forward, and so on.
  • You need to have a professional audience. This means that you’re writing to actual people working or studying in your field, not “the average person” or “students in my field.”
  • It must be a topic that can be researched and written about within five weeks.
  • In the end, you will need to have at least 8 scholarly sources to support your argument. See below for an explanation of what qualifies as “scholarly” for this assignment.

After you’ve brainstormed your topic ideas, you and I will need to discuss them and determine which is the best fit for what needs to be done for this class.

Note: If you have an undecided major or are concurrently enrolled, pick a field of study that you are interested in majoring in the future.

Source Use

As stated above, you will need to use 8 to10 scholarly sources to support your argument on this paper. These are articles from scholarly journals (such as those found on Academic Search Complete) or published books. Magazine or websites do not count. Trade websites do not count. A significant amount of the sources on your annotated bibliography should show up in this paper, though it is okay if a few are replaced. I am more worried about you making a good argument than sticking 100% to the annotated bibliography list.

Document Format

Your paper should be in proper MLA, both according to the page format and citation rules. For this class, we are sticking to the 8th edition of MLA.

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