Watch the video ask two questions

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Watch the video and ask 2 questions

Discussion Questions

You MUST have the textbook to do this question! (Business Ethics: An Interactive Introduction by Andrew Kernohan)

Read the case study 9

You will be responsible for engaging one another in discussion. You will be responsible for commenting on a classmate’s case study presentation. This will require, of I expected that there is enough of interest in our presentations that you should be able to have a classmate’s presentation and forming some thoughts about it. It also will require you to read the case study that my classmate is presenting and think about it. Ask your classmates five questions about their presentations.

I may not ask you to state whether or not you agree or disagree with your classmate. You may ask a question that suggests that there is a problem here or that things might be more complicated or that there is You should not ask questions that have already been answered in the presentation–eg, “Do you think that Ben should take the bonus?” You should also not ask questions that are so general that they could be asked about Any presentation–eg, “What do you think a Utilitarian would say here?” The idea is to actually engage your classmates in a conversation. Replies and comments of substance. Lame and last-minute attempts to complete the assignment will not.

You should also read the Case Study from the Kernohan text. Ask questions about the presentation. (video) You will be graded on the relevance, sophistication, and clarity of your question. It is fine to disagree with your classmate, but be civil in your question. For example, you might ask questions like the following:

“You don’t really talk about what a virtue ethicist would say about this case study. Wouldn’t your answer to the question mean that the manager would have to be dishonest or cruel?”

“I understand why you are worried about building the sweatshop. But if the workers consent to work for really, really meager wages, why do you think that they are being treated only as a means? Why would the sweatshop violate Kant’s Principle of Humanity?”

“If we only consider the consequences of acting on inside knowledge for the financial adviser’s clients, then acting on that knowledge would maximize utility. But what about the consequences for that company’s shareholders? Maybe acting on that knowledge wouldn’t maximize utility if we consider all the relevant consequences. Do you disagree?”

Please write the questions 6-7 sentences long. Thank you!

The video:

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