walden university week 3 Legal and Ethical Dilemmas

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description of your legal and ethical responsibilities related to case management. With these responsibilities in mind, explain how you would address the legal/ethical scenario with your service user in Hart City. Also consider how you would ensure the service user’s rights and dignity are protected while addressing the issue.

Below is The scenario for the discussion:

Georgia has started working a temporary
position at a local florist, where she gets to
chat with customers and do something
creative. She is able to take frequent breaks
and rest her eyes. In an offhand comment,
she mentions that she is now making slightly
over the threshold for disability social
security assistance. However, she hasn’t told
the disability office because she doesn’t
want to give up the job or the disability
income. Are you ethically obligated to
contact the state disability office and
disclose this information? How would you
address this situation with Georgia?

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