Virtue Ethics and critical thinking

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Select a public figure, preferably a business leader or politician, and determine through research and analysis if the individual is an ethical leader.

2 Resources that must be used to determine the one cirtue and the one vice that will be used to write the paper:

Brusseau, J. (2012). Chapter 4.4: Virtue theory. Business Ethics. Lardbucket Books. Retrieved from…

Velasquez, M., Andre, C., Shanks, T., & Meyer, M. J. (2008). Ethics and virtue. Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Retrieved from…

No qoutes can be used in this paper and it must be written in 3rd person.

Don’t rely on summarizing information; instead explain based
on the definition of each virtue and vice how they apply to your chosen leader.
Use your library articles to provide support for the analysis. Use the template
and divide your paper into clear sections with headings based on each of the
virtues and vices you are discussing.

Attached is the format of the paper that must be used.

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