VHS Biology Cellular Biology Research Paper

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Advances in cellular technologies have driven progress in the research of cancer, immunology, and stem cell therapy, to name a few. In this assignment, you will evaluate and report on an advancement made in cellular biology and its associated benefits and risks.


Your task is research and communicate your findings on a technology related to cellular biology. Because this assignment consists of multiple parts, we recommend that you complete each sequentially to ensure that your teacher can review and provide feedback on all components of your report.

Part I: Planning Your Research Paper

  1. Select a topic to research and evaluate as a part of this assignment. You may select any issue that connects societal needs with advances in medical technology. Possible topics are provided if you are having difficulty finding a topic.
  2. Create a plan or outline for your paper that includes your and the three main points you intend to present in support of your thesis.
  3. Submit a list of three resources you wish to use to write your paper. Ensure your resources are listed in APA style.
  4. Submit your completed research paper outline to the Dropbox. Your teacher will review and provide you with feedback on how to proceed with your research paper.

Possible Topics

  • New Treatments for Cancer (e.g. drugs that target tumour cells)
  • New Treatments for HIV/AIDS
  • Radioisotopic Labelling to Study Internal Organs
  • Fluorescence to Study Genetic Material
  • Criminal Forensic Techniques
  • Antibiotics for Drug-Resistant Bacterial Strains
  • Nanotechnologies for Diagnostics and Treatment


Your grade is linked to both parts of the assignment. Wait for feedback from your teacher on the components of Part I before working on and completing your research paper.

Part II: Writing Your Research Paper

  1. Write your research paper, incorporating the feedback and direction from your teacher. Your research paper should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Typically, you would have one paragraph for each of your introduction and conclusion. The body of your research paper can have multiple paragraphs. The focus of the body of your paper should be the three main points you submitted to your your teacher in Part I.
  2. Include any relevant data you obtained from your research to support your main ideas. Ensure your data is obtained from a source.
  3. Use in-text citations to reference any information you wish to present that is not your own original idea, such as the data and theories or opinions of others.
  4. Submit a reference list that includes all the sources you used in your research paper. Ensure that both your in-text citations and reference list are completed according to APA style.

Assessment Details

Your submission should include the following:

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