Utilitarianism, Mill, Omelas, and Sadhu

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1) What does Mill mean by the quality of pleasure? Presumably the quality of pleasure in listening to Mozart is higher than the quality of pleasure in listening to a television commercial jingle. How would Mill show that this is so?

2) In “The One’s Who Walked Away from Omelas”, Le Guin tells us that the citizens of Omelas are fully aware of the suffering of the child, but she makes a point that those who stay in Omelas do not feel guilty. Is it possible to feel guilty constantly about the misery of others? Explain and give examples.

3) In the “Parable of Sadhu”, McCoy concluded, “for each of us the sadhu lives”. What does he mean and do you agree?

4) Do you think that nepotism in a company can be good or bad for the business? Have you ever worked for a family run business? What was the experience like? If you have not worked for a family run business, would you? If so, why? If not, why not?

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