​Using Tools for Decision Making

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Think about a decision that needs to be made by leadership in your current organization, or in an organization with which you are familiar. Assume that you are the leader who must make the decision, and use two decision-making tools/processes to arrive at your decision.

  • Apply two of the techniques or tools presented in this module to identify possible solutions relevant to the decision you must make.
  • If you choose a process, include the names of the steps as you describe the process.
  • If you choose a tool, include the diagram/map.
  • Compare the results of the two techniques you chose.
  • Assess which tool/process you think would be most effective in making the decision.
  • Predict which tool/process you are most likely to use in making future decisions.
  • Keep in mind that you should refer to yourself as “the leader” in this paper, and not use the first person.

Examples of decision making tools are Mind Map, Decision Tree, and Fishbone Diagram. Also, click the link below to see the Five best mapping tools https://lifehacker.com/five-best-mind-mapping-tool…


  • Your paper should be 4-5 double-spaced, not counting the required title and reference pages and appendices. Including introduction and conclusion
  • Please cite at least four scholarly sources.
  • Remember, you must support your thinking/opinions and prior knowledge with references.
  • In-text citation used throughout the assignment and APA-formatted reference list.
  • Please no plagiarism and sources should not be older than 5 years.
  • Include headings organize the content in your work.

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