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In this lab, you will be assigned a white solid mixture, identified only as Unknown A or Unknown B, etc. Record which Unknown you are will receive different Unknowns with different compositions, so it is important that you focus your sample. Your grade will depend, in part, on how close your reported values (mass of each component and percent of each component) match with the correct values (which only the instructor knows). CAUTION: Use of the hotplate and drying ovens will make the glassw portions of this lab. Use tongs to handle the hot glassware! given in your notebook. Different students are very hot at several 1) Weigh -5 grams of your assigned unknown. Record the mass to the nearest hundredth of a gram (e.g. 5.0S g) and transfer the solid to a 150 mL beaker. 2) Add 25 mL. DI water to the mixture and gently stir the beaker for several minutes until all the NaCI has dissolved. 3) Set-up the gravity filtration apparatus as shown in Figure 1. Put your initials on the collection beaker for easy identification later. Before filtration add 2-3 boiling chips to the collection beaker and weigh the beaker with the chips. If you weigh the boiling chips and beaker before filtering the solution you will not need to remove the boiling chips once the NaCI has dried, you can just subtract their mass from the total mass of beaker, NaCl and chips. 4) Filter the solution being sure to transfer all of the solid to the filter paper. Use-5 mL of DI water to rinse the beaker and transfer this washing to the filter fiunnel. Wash again with 5 mL 34
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