MCR006C covers a range of important theory and practice of Fundamental of Financial Management….

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MCR006 C Financial Management

10% Class Group Presentation Semester 2 2019

1. Group Presentation due Date and Submission Details

As per the subject description, in class group presentation constitutes 10% per cent of the total assessment in this subject. Due date is week 10 and week 11 in class in the following time:

MCR006C: Presentation Time: 9.30am to 11.30am (Week 10 & Week 11)

Group formation will be done in class week 6 at the beginning of the class.

Note: after week 6, Presentation group making will reduce 5% mark per week.

Individual group presentation time will be allocated in week 9 in class.

Students are required to complete the assessment in group of 3 and do not have an automatic entitlement to adopt some other arrangements without prior permission from the lecturer.

Each group need to follow the presentation assessment criteria (3) & (7) and each member of the group needs to give a component of the presentation. PowerPoint slides (six slides in one page) need to submit in the presentation time in class before presentation.

2. Objective

MCR006C covers a range of important theory and practice of Fundamental of Financial Management. The main purpose of this assessment is to provide students with the opportunity to consolidate and extend their understanding in connection with the important issues in Managerial Finance in Australia.

3. Assessment criteria

In assessing presentation consideration will be given to overall neatness, completeness and quality of presentation, timeliness of submission and demonstrated application of appropriate issues in financial reporting. In assessing the presentation the following criteria including marking criteria (section 7) would be strictly followed.


Presentations are expected to be made in a clear, concise and understandable manner. It is required that an outline be made at the inception of the presentation to show introduction, body and conclusion of the presentation. Presenters’ ability to comply with the outline will be assessed.

Presentation Tools

It is required that Slides must be used. Non-compliance will result in a fail grade. Other visual aids are encouraged to be used (i.e. charts, graph etc).


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