Brief description of the relevant background. – The background should describe main concerns of…

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1 Overview Your final project in this class is to propose an infrastructure solution that improves sustainability, resilience, or community function. You may complete this project as an individual, or with one partner. The selection of your project topic is open-ended; however, it must address one of the following infrastructure systems—water/wastewater, electric power, transportation (air, roadways/automobiles, railways, marine terminals, or intermodal), telecommunications, waste management, healthcare, chemical manufacturing, critical manufacturing base, or military/government services. You are advised to consult the instructor to secure approval of your project as soon as possible. 2 Basic Sections of the Policy Analysis Your final paper be no more than 20 pages, not including executive summary or references. Your project will be completed in stages, and the sections of your final project include: [1] 1-page Executive Summary [2] Introduction, Problem Statement, and Objectives [3] Quantitative Modeling and Assumptions [4] Sensitivity Analysis [5] Discussion, Limitations, Pitfalls, and Conclusions Project Deliverables Problem Statement, Background, Rationale, and Policy Objective Each project should have a problem statement and background/rationale/policy objective component. These components are to contain, at a minimum the following elements: 1. Brief description of the relevant background. a. The background should describe main concerns of the most important stakeholders. b. Background should not be overly general, as this may make your writing non-responsive to the major needs of your target audience. 2. Statement of the problem. a. What is the nature of the problem you are solving? b. What is the compelling nature of this problem with respect to their needs or concerns of your stakeholders? 3. Description of your proposed solution. a. What do you propose to do? b. How will you do it, or how will/would it be done? 4. Identification of the expected benefits and costs a. Briefly describe the expected benefits for your proposed solution. b. What are the costs (in qualitative terms) expected of your proposed solution? c. Briefly describe how your solution would be implemented.

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