Choose a health policy (either current or past), either at the state or federal level, to analyse… 1 answer below »

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In this Assessment, you will engage in policy analysis. Choose a health policy (either current or past),

either at the state or federal level, to analyse in this Assignment (eg, mental health policy, women’s health policy,

preventative health policy, men’s health policy, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health policy).

The Assignment should be approximately 2,000 words (+/- 10%) and presented in essay form.

Address the following questions in your Assessment but please do not answer the questions

as a series of short answers:

Firstly, provide a short introduction to your essay. Then proceed to analyse your chosen policy, and in doing so,

consider the following issues:

The Problem and Context

•Describe the current and historical policy context of the problem.

•What is the problem which the policy seeks to address?

What problems are highlighted???

•What problems have been overlooked?

Frame of Reference/Dominant Discourse

•What is the common frame of reference or dominant discourse evidence within this policy???

•Are certain words and phrases commonly used???

•Are there any underlying assumptions behind these?

Targets, Stakeholders and their Representation

•Who is the target of the policy (the subject of the discourse)???

•Who are the other stakeholders identified in the policy? Describe key institutional structures,

agencies and workforce capacity building.

•How are the subjects of the policy being represented???

•How are different social groups portrayed in this policy and what implications does this have?

•Are there any moral judgements expressed in this representation?


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