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We will explore here about Just-in-time (JIT) systems. Identify the characteristics of JIT systems that enable the realization of JIT philosophy. Also, provide details on how JIT could support the continuous improvement of operations.

First Post: Enter your original response to this question. Support your response with evidence from the readings or other resources. It is not necessary to provide formal citations, but you should give the sources of your information.

Subsequent Posts: Respond to at least two of your classmates’ discussion posts. Further the discussion and make it interesting. Support your response with evidence and provide your sources, at least informally.

  • ust-in-time is a production system that helps an organization to identify existing hidden problems in the value chain and to reduce the waste produced in the system (Kootanaee, Babu, & Talari, 2013). JIT also helps in improving the throughput of the organization. The philosophy of JIT emphasizes on reducing wastes and redundant inventory through the provision products, materials, and supplies at the time when the organization needs them (Ahmed, 2016). The three major characteristics that enable the JIT systems to achieve the realization of the philosophy include the total control of quality, waste elimination, and the involvement of people.Through total quality control, the system improves the efficiency of processing, which allows an organization to understand when it is in need of materials (Ahmed, 2016). The efficient processing resulting from total quality control also enables the organization to optimally utilize the available inventory without wasting the resources. The elimination of waste is the core characteristic of JIT systems. Through the consideration of inventory as waste, JIT emphasizes on the need to reduce the inventory as much as possible, thereby enabling the organization to have only the amount of inventory it needs for the production process (Ahmed, 2016). It can, therefore, eliminate redundant inventory and reduce the amount of waste. The third characteristic is the involvement of people, which enables the employees to understand the philosophy and ensure success in implementing the waste reduction and quality improvement (Ahmed, 2016).These three characteristics also help the organization in the continuous operations improvement process. Through the involvement of employees, JIT enables workers to identify the quality needs and to perform the best in their ability to improve the quality of the production process. Through eliminating waste, the organization remains with the inventory that it requires, thereby improving the efficiency of managing inventory and the quality of the end products. The total quality control is the most useful characteristic to the quality improvement process.

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