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1. What was the War on Poverty? Did it work?

Number 1 must be minimum 200 words cited in APA format and referenced in APA format. All answers must come from text uploaded.

2. Explain the causes of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, and discuss some of the more serious incidents between the two superpowers.

3. Describe American life as it developed during the 1950s, including social, economic, and political issues, and evaluate the significance of the Cold War in these changes.

4. Explain the rise and effects of McCarthyism in American life.

5. Describe the events that made the build up to the civil rights movement possible.

6. Describe the white South’s reaction to the initial stages of the civil rights movements. Was it all uniform?

7. Explain the differences between Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of America and that of Malcolm X.

8. What were some of the major accomplishments of the civil rights movement? What were some of its failures?

9. Discuss Lyndon Johnson’s desire to build a “Great Society” and evaluate the relative success of his programs.

10. Describe the breakthroughs forged by African Americans in the 1950s and the retaliatory movement that came to be called “massive resistance.”

11. Discuss the growth of the “counterculture” in American society during the 1960s, and describe the various movements that began to gather strength as Americans with an agenda sought to have their voices heard.

All answers must have 100 word minimum cited in APA format refrenced in APA formart and all answers must come from text uplkoaded.

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