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Part 1 – give a brief overview of how basic arbitrage would work and why and investor would want to seek out such opportunities.

Part 2 – give a brief overview of what market efficiency means and what this means for investors if it does truly exist

Part 3 – explain why market efficiency and the existence of arbitrage opportunities must be at odds with one another

(can arbitrage exist if markets are strong form efficient, why?)

Part 4 – given what you have covered in the first four chapters, how would market efficiency affect you ability to earn above normal returns in your investment portfolio (are we all searching for arbitrage opportunities when we invest)

Part 5 – in summary, tell me whether you believe markets are weak, semi-strong, or strong form efficiency, and whether you believe arbitrage opportunities exist in the markets.

This should be no less than seven(7) double spaced typed pages and include no less that five (5) listed sources at the end of the paper (does not count in the required length). I do not have any format that I need on your sources, just give adequate source information that I can go to them to see the content of your source.


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