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Submit these documents to the underlined assignment link above:

  • Final Draft
  • separate Multimodal Component
  • Multimodal Analysis
  • Revision Analysis

You can upload them as separate files or as one combined file – just make sure the various parts are clearly distinguished.




Points Range:0 (0%) – 10 (4.55%)

– The target audience – a decision-maker in the writer’s local community or current/future career – is identified – Writing adapted to the audience effectively – Audience-based reasons and evidence used – Style and form appropriate for the audience used

Introduction: Problem and Thesis

Points Range:0 (0%) – 20 (9.09%)

– Gets reader’s attention – Describes the problem and its causes – Persuades the audience that this is a serious problem (in his/her local community or current/future career) that needs solving – States his/her claim/thesis (solution to the problem) clearly

Alternative Solutions

Points Range:0 (0%) – 20 (9.09%)

– Describes 2-3 alternative solutions used/suggested previously by others – Explains (with support) their drawbacks

The Best Solution and Justification for the Solution

Points Range:0 (0%) – 35 (15.91%)

– Describes his/her solution that will help alleviate the problem in detail – Develops 2-3 reasons (in separate paragraphs) why the audience should implement the solution – Explains and presents evidence that the solution is logical, feasible and practical, and why it is the most effective one available for the writer’s local community or current/future occupation


Points Range:0 (0%) – 25 (11.36%)

– Summarizes 2-3 arguments, challenging the solution, reasons, and evidence – Shows (with support) weaknesses in opposing views and refutes them effectively

Conclusion and Call to Action

Points Range:0 (0%) – 20 (9.09%)

– Offers a convincing call (that the specific decision-maker could act on) to implement the solution proposed – Leaves a strong last impression

Integrating Sources

Points Range:0 (0%) – 20 (9.09%)

– Sources attributed properly and incorporated into the text effectively – Academic and credible sources selected; writer’s reasoning for source choice is apparent – Sources summarized, paraphrased, or direct-quoted when appropriate (used a minimum of 5 citations)

Citation and Documentation

Points Range:0 (0%) – 10 (4.55%)

– In-text citations and References page adhere to APA guidelines – Project formatted according to APA guidelines


Points Range:0 (0%) – 20 (9.09%)

– Topic sentences, concluding sentences, and proper transitions used – Grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors corrected – Writing flows well

Multimodal Component

Points Range:0 (0%) – 10 (4.55%)

– Illustrates the argument (problem, solution, and justifying reasons) succinctly and effectively – Offers a call to action – Design choices and rhetorical decisions are thoughtful and support the audience and purpose of the paper – For the ad/flyer, the writer has considered layout (organization of and balance between the written and visual text), spacing, font and image size, font type, color, clarity, and brevity of the argument – For the video PSA, the writer has considered quality of voiceover commentary and audio. Considered technical quality (accessibility and viewability), audience engagement, timing (less than a minute), and completeness

Multimodal Analysis

Points Range:0 (0%) – 20 (9.09%)

– Explains and justifies design choices in relation to the local or occupation-specific audience – Discusses use of the rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) – Reflects on the utility of composing in different media and how he/she might apply these skills in different areas of his/her life

Revision Analysis

Points Range:0 (0%) – 10 (4.55%)

– Synthesizes the feedback received through multiple channels – Discusses how feedback was applied and reasons for making the revisions

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