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The Syllabus has been loaded in the course materials section of the system. Please e-mail any questions that you may have anytime and I will work hard to reply as soon as possible.

Discussion Posts: Initial Discussion posts are due on Wednesday by midnight and Final Discussion is due on Sunday by midnight. Try to enter the discussion early to allow your peers time to reply. Spreading your posts out over a few days is helpful to the discussion process.

  • Limit personal opinions in your posts and base your comments on the knowledge gained from the reading assignments. I would like to see evidence of reading from the chapters in your posts. Provide factual information to construct your comments in the discussion posts. Your replies should have higher level critical elements to help broaden the discussion.
  • Please proofread your work for spelling, grammar, sentence structure and that you have clearly answered the questions in each unit. Some units have two questions, so make sure you read it carefully.
  • Please read the syllabus for the length (words) of the posts.
  • Your follow up posts are due Sunday night at midnight and Complete Assignments are due Sunday night by midnight.
  • If the cohort hits the key points of the reading assignments I will not participate as much, but I will comment when information isn’t moving the discussion forward.
  • Plagiarism in any form will result in failure and is a breach of ethics for this course.

Complete Assignments: Assignments are due Sunday by midnight

  • Please provide very clear and concise comments for each section of the complete assignment. This is your opportunity to show the knowledge gained from the reading assignments and that you are applying it to the assignments.
  • Please provide more than a few sentences to answer the questions. Short answers will likely result in lower scores.
  • Content, comments and support from the reading assignment is critical to doing well in this course. In the first unit I allow a lot of flexibility in the use of APA guidelines, but I do expect to see good mastery of the APA guidelines as we progress each week.

Complete Questions: Unit 3

1. Using the text and the internet, research corruption in the criminal justice system, and in a minimum of 1000 words, discuss the major forms of corruption by police and corrections officers, and the implications of this unethical behavior on the criminal justice system.

2. Police deviance is an unfortunate fact of life. What is the difference between misfeasance, malfeasance, and nonfeasance? To what extent does Plato’s notion of the “tri-partite soul” help account for these misbehaviors?

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