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Envision yourself as a manager of a (hypothetical) mid-sized company (you pick the type of industry that you are interested in) who has been tasked with starting a new autonomous work unit. The primary responsibility of the work unit will be to support all of the major functional divisions by collecting and analyzing internal company data depending on what the division asks for. While under the umbrella of the parent organization, because of the unique nature and purpose of the new unit you have been given a great deal of autonomy in how the unit is to be structured and managed.

Pls answer the question one by one.

In accordance with the your specific supervisory tasks, using what you have read in the Module 1 chapter material please answer the following associated questions:

First, provide a brief paragraph that describes the nature of an organization (i.e., what does the organization do and what type of culture do you think it would have…. you can model it from a real company or you can be creative and come up with your own example). Then, within the context of the organizational culture you described, please complete the following tasks:

Task 1:

– Describe in detail what you feel should be the key intra-personal characteristics of an effective work unit, if the unit’s primary performance goals are speed, accuracy, and innovation? Explain in detail why you feel these characteristics would enable the unit to more effective in meet its goals.

Task 2: Select the persons with the best person-job and person-organization fit.

– Describe in detail what specific personality traits, attitudes, and values you feel would enable a member of this work unit to be successful as an analyst AND as a motivated and committed member of the unit and larger organization.

Task 3: Maintain employee morale and retention

– Describe in detail what influences the work and work environment might have on individual employees attitude, emption, and work ethic working within this particular unit, and what steps would you take to build and support a strong unit culture? Also what factors might contribute to employee turnover within the unit, and what steps could you take to minimize these effects?

Task 4: Maintain a positive, productive, and healthy work environment

– Describe in detail what you feel would be the more appropriate approach towards motivating your employees, minimizing work-related stress, and what actions should you take to maintain an effective and safe work environment?

**** There are no specific answers for this assignment. I want you to be as creative as you would like. The main thing I will look for is how well you apply and discuss the relevant concepts described in the Module 1 chapter material. You do not have to include everything from the chapters (i.e., throwing in the kitchen sink will not work). Instead, I will be looking for evidence that you are able to apply material you feel is most relevant to the situation and to your intended actions/ decisions. As such, your responses to each question must be focused, logical, and goal-directed. Please see the assignment example provided within Module 1 to help you better understand these requirements.

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