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– Incident Review

Choose an emergency incident that has occurred in the last ten years and describe how the incident was handled. Please keep the incident to the U.S. and stay away from incidents that are so large that it cannot effectively answer the question. I do not want the Deep Water Horizon or a hurricane unless you can discuss the hurricane as it relates to a town or city but not an entire region.

Incident Command Post

Write a post to achieve the following:

1. Post a link to the article, webpage, or video so that your classmates can view it.

2. Post a 2 to 3 paragraph summary of the article, video or webpage that you chose.

Did they follow the ICS system?

What were some mistakes?

Make some recommendations.

Here are a couple of sources for your review but ultimately it is your responsibility to perform the needed research:

Forum Requirements Please APA cite and reference your sources in your post. Your initial post must be a minimum of 300 words.

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