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Questions should be in complete sentences and in your OWN words

Buffer Overflows

1) How is a program laid out in memory? Be specific about how each part of the program is stored.

2) What happens to the contents of memory when a buffer is overflowed?

3) What do exploits do to hijack execution of a program vulnerable to a buffer overflow?

4) Using a debugger and other tools, how would you determine the location where the return address was overwritten?

5) How can buffer overflows be prevented?

2 Structured Exception Handling

1) What is a structured exception handler?

2) How can structured exception handlers be exploited?

3) What do jump assembly instructions do in a program?

3 Fuzzing

1) How can fuzzing be used to locate vulnerabilities?

2) Does Metasploit include any fuzzing modules? If yes, identify a module and explain its usage

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