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Response: Review several of your colleagues’ posts, and respond to at least two of your peers of the week. You are encouraged to post your required replies earlier in the week to promote more meaningful interactive discourse in this discussion.
Assess the additional instruments suggested by your colleague. How would these suggested measures provide reliable, valid, and culturally appropriate results for each of the given scenarios? Use scholarly and/or peer-reviewed resources to support your assertions. What other measure(s) would you suggest your colleague use in this situation?

1st Kulow

Write a one-paragraph summary of the computer generated MMPI-2-RF results for Mr. I based on the information in the interpretive report.
In this report, I will be writing about Mr. I. Based off of the report, Mr. I was brought in for assessment because of his psychotic thinking and assaultive behavior. During his initial intake concerns where addressed about decrease in sleep and presenting bizarre delusional thinking, religious preoccupation, visual hallucinations, and tangential and circumstantial thinking. His previous diagnosis includes Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder. Because of his intake, he was administered the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 or better known as the MMPI-2. Through the assessment because of his lack of responses, concerns where mentioned about memory and concentration, emotional-internalizing findings related to suicidal ideation, and dysfunctional thinking.

In your initial post, provide an evaluation of the contents of both psychological evaluations in terms of ethical standards and the professionalism of the interpretation of the testing and assessment data presented. Write an analysis of the psychometric methodologies employed in the development and validation of the MMPI-2-RF personality test used with both clients. Develop a list of at least two additional tests of personality or emotional functioning to administer to the two clients that demonstrate acceptable validity. Justify your inclusion of each additional assessment measure in terms of the validity of the assessment measure and your clients’ presenting concerns, diagnosis, and prognosis.

In regards to Ms. S after reviewing her assessment and tests it is evident that she is having issues with math but she does not have any signs or symptoms of autism or down syndrome which would be an indication to her math issues. After assessing her cognitive abilities the results indicated that she was average even though she showed a few areas to be below the average mark but did not show a mental handicap.

After looking over Mr. I and Ms. S I feel that the two tests that would benefit both would be the Computerized Assessment System (CDR) which addresses enhancement and impairment of cognitive functioning, via influences of physical and mental factors, and the Scales of Independent Behavior-Revised which focuses on multidimensional measure of adaptive behavior and targets any possible intellectual disability.

Sub note: I am having issues with my microphone so I will type out how my meeting with Ms. S would transpire.

“Good morning Ms. S. thank you for taking the time to see me today, as you are aware you were referred to me by Dr. N to go over your assessment with you. If you have any direct questions or concerns please feel free to address them.”

“As you can see in the first page we are taking a look at your history and facts that have been gathered on your behalf from you. This also includes different exams that you have had along with experiences that you have had as well. Additionally, this page also addresses the reason why you were for services.

Now onto the main portion of the report that will cover the assessment, areas covered in the assessment and the results. Through the assessment, four areas where covered. These areas are cognitive abilities, which means how you think and learn new things. Achievements which means how you process success on learning something new. Information processing which covers language and your attention span. Your personality and your mood.

Through the assessment and the results that were generated we were able to find that your history of anxiety, depression, attention, concentration, and weakness in math are consistent with the results from the assessment. The math showed that you may have been suffering from a disorder that has been occurring since childhood. Additionally the assessment indicated that you show signs of depressive mood and severe anxiety. Because of this I feel that we may be able to provide some suggestions that will benefit you.

In regards to taking tests

Try to take the tests in a separate environment and allow more than adequate time to take the test. Preferably double the amount of time. Additionally if the tests permit it ensure that you have a calculator with you for assistance. Ensure to take breaks as well for tests that are over a long period of time.

Now for the everyday life

Take breaks from anything that is strenuous.
Complete one task at a time prior to moving onto the next task
Ensure that you are distraction free
Take notes, I suggest sticky notes of any important information
When placing key materials (such as key’s purse, cell phone) place them in the same spot every day to build up a habit of organization.

Ms. S., this is the end of the report if you have any questions please do not hesitate to address them with me. If you want to have a follow up with a one hour appointment to go over progress or address any concerns that may arise please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment. Once again I appreciate the time you have taken to sit down with me and go over the assessment. “

2nd Blake

Hello I am Ms. Blake and I am a psychologist and I have had two new referrals. The first one is Mr. I. Mr I is a 46 year old male admitted for impatient with psychotic thinking and assaultive complaints and emotional thought, behavioral, and interpersonal dysfunction. The cognitive complaints include difficulties in memory and concentration. He also has suicide ideation. Dysfunctional thinking includes ideas of persecution and aberrant perceptions and thoughts. Behavioral-externalizing problem include aggression and excessive activation. Interpersonal difficulties relate to over-assertiveness. I am meeting with Ms. S. to give her a copy of the evaluation and discuss her results with her. Ms. S. you have has a long history of anxiety and depression. Ms. S has had reconstructive surgery for a bile duct cyst in 2009 and she also has activity induced asthma and irregular menstruation. Ms. S had no developmental delays. She lives with her husband and has no children. S. S. scored a weakness on several subtests where she scored low average range but this is likely secondary to her anxiety. She shows a weakness in Math. On the Welson Denny Timed Reading Test she benefited from extended time. On the WAIS-IV her math was reduced but is probably related to your significant weakness in calculations. According to your Ruff 2 & 7 Selective Attention Test your performance of speed and accuracy were consistent with someone who has ADHD. Your speech was good, you show no visuospatial deficits and you have no memory problems according to the information on the WMS-1. According to the MMPI-2-RF you completed you are showing a high degree of psychological stress at this time. The symptoms were tension, depression, and agitation over problems in your environment. One of the tests of personality that I would have done is the Stated-Trait Anxiety Inventory. This is a self-report of anxiety. The purpose of the STAI is to differentiate between the temporary condition of state anxiety and the long standing quality of trait anxiety. The next test would be the EYSenck Personality Questionnaire. The EPQ measures the normal and abnormal personality. I would have both clients to complete these two tests to see if they are having anxiety and also to see if they have a normal personality. Psy 640 Week Four Psychological Assessment Report: retrieved from: Gregory, R. J. (2014) Psychological Testing: History, principles, and applications (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

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