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  1. Choose one of the television families listed below.
    1. If you do not watch or have a tv you can access episodes from most of these shows online.
  2. Choose a child (less than 18 years old) in that family to evaluate.
  3. Create Bronfenbrenner’s system for the child selected (individual, micro-, meso-, exo-, macro-, chrono-) SEE LINK BELOW FOR THIS!!!!
    1. Individual – identify the child’s temperament health of the child; age and gender. Discuss why it’s important to assess the individual and not just the environment.
    2. Microsystem – identify and discuss 5 relationships
    3. Mesosystem – identify and discuss 5 relationships
    4. Exosystem – identify and discuss 1 elements
    5. Macrosystem – identify and discuss 2 elements
    6. Chronosystem – identify and discuss 2 elements
  4. No need to draw the systems

For example:

TV show: Speechless

Child’s name:JJ

Age: 14 years old

Health: JJ has cerebral palsy


Microsystems and relationships:

1. JJ and mother – great relationship, she is very protective of him…..

2. JJ and …..


1. Mother and teacher – ………

TV Shows to choose from:


The Roseanne Show

Fresh off the Boat

Everyone Hates Chris

The Fosters

Malcolm in the Middle

The Brady Bunch

The Simpsons

The George Lopez Show

Modern Family


The Cosby Show

Little House on the Prairie

Family Ties

7th Heaven

Full House

The Fresh Prince


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