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VIII. Competitor Comparisons (Direct & Indirect include strengths & weaknesses)

IX. Promotional Strategy:

  • Traditional Media: Television, Print and Radio (include all non-traditional types that you will use. Example: Cable, internet radio, magazine (print &/or digital)
  • Digital Media & Analytics: Online, SEO (Google AdWords, hashtags, keywords, content
  • creation/curation) banners, reciprocal links, video content; Social Media (FB, twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, Spotify, Snapchat, etc) Identify digital analytic tools
  • Direct Marketing (mail, phone, email, text, e-Newsletters)
  • Sales Promotion (discounts, coupons, bogo, incentives, sampling, etc)
  • Public Relations (build brand awareness, mitigate problems, press release, storytelling)
  • Events/Experiences
  • Personal Selling

X. Marketing Budget:

  • Select & Justify budget strategy
  • Outline costs: creative development and media placement, SEO contract services, SEM pay-per-click costs, banner ad costs on portal sites, costs to sponsor ads on social media sites, costs to create relevant photos and videos, costs for labor to monitor, costs to sponsor events

XI. Implementation Schedule:

a. Launch dates & roll-out

b. Milestones

XII. Monitoring, Control & Evaluation

a. Activities that support promotional campaign alignment with business problem and marketing objectives (What will you include on your dashboard)

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