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This week your questions are from the IKEA case from the textbook. EACH of the 4 responses must contain a MINIMUM of 250 words (not including the reference list). For the week, you need a MINIMUM of 3 EBSCO scholarly sources cited and referenced in your work. These sources are to cover the CONSUMER BEHAVIOR TOPICS in the questions, NOT the products or services discussed. So if you are including additional EBSCO research on IKEA or other online stores, this WILL NOT COUNT toward your total required scholarly research requirements! APA Format, in-text citations, and use textbook as a source.

Question 1

Discuss how IKEA’s approach has helped you to better understand the debate that exists between standardization compared with adaptation for international markets.

Question 2

The text talks about the difference between low and high culture. Is IKEA trying to position its brand to be one or the other? Would this be different depending on the country location?

Question 3

What are some of the ways in which organizational decisions differ from individual consumer decisions? How are they similar?

Question 4

Think of a product you recently shopped for online. Describe your search process. How did you become aware that you wanted or needed the product? How did you evaluate alternatives? Did you wind up buying online? Why or why not? What factors would make it more or less likely that you would buy something online versus in a traditional store?

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