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Your database and report should answer the following prompt: Create a database that meets the needs of the store owners. In addition to the database, you will also submit a report that includes several models and diagrams that you completed earlier in the course to inform your database creation; you will now resubmit these models and diagrams after incorporating your instructor’s feedback.

Databases are increasingly important in the information age, as they provide a means to organize, track, manage, and use information easily and efficiently. Thousands of companies depend on databases to record and update data. Databases have a wide variety of uses, from tracking climate measurements worldwide to storing library research information to organizing user data for businesses and organizations.
For this assessment, you will solve an information storage problem. The owner of two local bookstores wants to consolidate individual store inventories. You will organize the store inventory data into workable tables and apply normalization techniques to create a single common SQL-based database that can be shared between the stores. In addition, you will submit a report explaining the choices you made in the creation of your database. The report will also include an entity-relationship diagram and other models as well as a description of the database design features.
Some components of this final project will have been developed earlier in the course and submitted for instructor feedback. You will submit them a second time as part of this final project, incorporating the feedback that you received from your instructor. This project is divided into two milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. These milestones will be due in Modules Two and Four. The final database and report will be submitted in Module Seven.

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