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two paragraphs about specific question and from specific reading? i will give an example

these are the 2 questions :

  1. How & why did pre-historic people make houses, tombs and temples?
  2. What are main differences in palaces & funerary complexes?

Requirement :

1: INTRO – (2-3 sentences)

list the idea “answer”

2: BODY- (7-9 sentences)

write the evidence “specific example” at least 2 example

3: conclusion- (2-3 sentences)


* if you could draw a small example to show your point that’s good


NOTE: Your answers will be evaluated on:

A) your ability to precisely and succinctly discuss all aspects of the question

B) your selection of illustrative examples with drawings

C) the clarity of thought nand breadth of knowledge

ï‚· Student Name, Section and ID #

ï‚· The two selected Question re-written in your own words

ï‚· Answers to each of the selected question must include discussion on examples from the respective Lecture and Readings as well as illustrative Drawings of these examples





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