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As Early Childhood Educators we are constantly faced with ethical dilemmas. We have to find a balance between what we believe is right and what is being required of us. Consider the following scenario:

Tracy Hodgkin teaches a class of twenty- two three- and four- year- old children from diverse cultures in a school district wi√th a history of low achievement test scores. The new superintendent has promised the board of education that he will turn the district around in three years. The superintendent has hired a new preschool coordinator because he believes that one of the best ways to close the district’s achievement gap is to begin as early as possible. The new preschool coordinator has recommended the adoption of a skills based curriculum that includes the use of direct instruction, other teacher centered approaches, and a scripted curriculum. According to her, “There is only one way to teach children what they need to know, and that is to directly teach them. We can’t fool around with all this play and child-centered stuff.” Direct instruction of basic skills and teacher centered instructional practices are contrary to what Tracy learned in her teacher education classes at the university. In addition, these approaches do not fit with her view of child centered and developmentally appropriate practice. Tracy needs to decide how to respond. She could inform the preschool coordinator that she will not use the materials when and if they are adopted, or she could convene a meeting of other teachers and ask their opinions about the materials, or she could keep her thoughts to herself and vow to use the new curriculum only when she has to. Or she could adopt another plan?

In a one to two page paper with proper APA format and citations, respond to the questions listed below.

Concisely state:

a) What is your stance on teacher directed vs. child directed activity in preschool

b) What role do you think teachers need to play in making instructional decisions?

c) What role do you think administrators need to play in making instructional decisions?

d) Are there any larger issues that need to be addressed so this problem doesn’t arise in the future? If so, describe them.

Be sure to answer all the question and cite information from your readings and other course materials, particularly the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct, Developmentally Appropriate Practices and at least one additional resource Library website or Google Scholar

Case Study

2 pts

1.5-1.0 pts

0.5-0 pts



Complete in all respects; reflects all requirements

Complete in most respects; reflects most requirements

Incomplete in most respects; does not reflect requirements


Demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the topics/issues

Demonstrates an acceptable understanding of the topics/issues

Demonstrates an inadequate understanding of the topics/issues


Presents an insightful and thorough analysis of all issues identified

Presents a thorough analysis of most issues identified

Presents a superficial or incomplete analysis of the issues


Makes appropriate and powerful connections between the issues identified and professional expectations / research

Makes appropriate connections between the issues identified and professional expectations / research

Makes somewhat vague connections between the issues identified and professional expectations / research


Presents detailed, realistic, & appropriate recommendations

Presents realistic or appropriate recommendations

Presents unrealistic or inappropriate recommendations

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