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  • Unit II Reflection Paper Write a brief essay to support your position on the following scenario: An organization is trying to reduce the number of cardiac emergencies that are happening within their community. As part of their intervention strategies, they consider conducting regular blood pressure checks and tracking vitals for their target population. During monthly visits to the participants, the organization tracks the patient’s information and records the patient’s vital signs within a database on a laptop computer. In addition, as part of the strategy, the organization sends out weekly e-mails to the target population with information about eating healthily, dieting, and other related information that may help them reduce their chances of having a cardiac episode. The organization is a small all-volunteer EMS organization serving a population of 3500 residents. Current demographics identified that 20% of thepopulation is over 65years of age. The program began with 100 participants and is currently in its third year with a total of 350 participants. Are there any ethical concerns regarding this program? Explain. Your response should be at least 150 words, and remember to apply APA style for your citaons and references.Unit III Reecon PaperExamine the data on the National Center for Health Statistics’ web site (, and discuss which features you find the most useful and which features you find the least useful. Be sure to support your position. Your response must be at least 150 words.Unit IV Reflection Paper For this exercise, read the following scenario, and respond to the questions provided. You are assessing a rural town with a population of about 12,000 people. The economic base of the town includes farming and a small manufacturing plant. You begin by conducting a windshield survey in which you drive around the area and record your impressions of the apparent resources and deficiencies. In the main street downtown area, you see the following: ï‚· a municipal building, ï‚· a grange. ï‚· a library, ï‚· three antique stores, two banks, one physician practice, one law practice, one dental office, and ï‚· an auto supply store. On the road leading into town are two motels, a supermarket, two banks, a gas station, a chain drugstore,a car dealership, five different fast food restaurants, a bowling alley, a hospital, and a big box store. While driving around town for an hour or two, you also notice the following: ï‚· five churches, one of which is operating a food pantry; ï‚· a police department, a fire department, a county health department; ï‚· one community college, one high school, two middle schools, four elementary schools; ï‚· three small markets; and ï‚· a crisis pregnancy center. If secondary data sources you have been examining suggest that underage drinking and driving is a problem in the community, where would you go to gather first-hand or primary information about the problem? What types of questions would you ask? Where would you go if the primary data sources suggested that cardiovascular disease had a disproportionate impact on the death rate in this community? How do your answers to the preceding questions differ? Your response should be at least 150 words.
  • Unit V Reflection Paper What triangulation methods might be used to evaluate a community-based after-school intervention with an overall aim of decreasing substance abuse among thirteen- to seventeen-year-olds? Your response must be at least 150 words.Unit VI Reflection Paper During a class on risk reduction, students were asked to develop a risk reduction initiative and present theinitiative to the class. As part of the assignment, the students were told that they were presenting to a board that will make a decision on funding. A student was requesting $500,000 in funding for a risk reduction initiative with an outcome objective of reducing the number of child deaths from the risk by 50% within five years. Everything sounded great; the student’s intervention strategies were solid. Then, someone asked, “What was the total number of children who have died from the risk?” The answer was two. Would you fund this project? Justify your answer. Your response must be at least 150 words.Unit VII Reflection Paper How would you, as an interventions coordinator, respond to learning that your co-investigator is having a sexual relationship with one of the peer educators in an adolescent pregnancy prevention intervention? Your response must be at least 150 word

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