presentation on global company strategy

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Presentation on Global Company Strategy

In this presentation, you need to do a PPT & a detailed outline for 10-15 minutes presentation about (Global Company Strategy)

1- Consider you work for a global company as a strategist.

2- You plan to take your company to another country that is a new market.

3- The PPT must include the following:

a. An Introduction: Clearly Say your propose and how you will do that, and I think the best way to do this is by adding a short video or a real story related to the topic, and explain that in points in the detailed outline and explain how this link to the topic in order to grape audience attention.

b. Content: What are you going to talk about and how you will do that, and here in Your Global Company Strategy Presentation you need to say what is your product and what/where is your target market and customer, and how you’re going to succeed in this strategy.

c. Overview: restate your introduction and make your end power point presentation interesting by adding short video to it.

d. Add pictures and visual ads to your power point presentation to make it interesting.

e. Don’t add too much word to slides, the maximum length here is 6 lines per slide and each line contains 6 words maximum.

4- Present your BEST approach to doing that using the key points from the book (I have attached the book as well as the course syllabus to have a clear picture about what we’re studying in this course)

5- Also, in your presentation, you should include a SWOT or PESTEL analysis, strategy, cultural areas to consider, marketing, economics, Supply Chain, distribution, and/or Logistics issue, and financial areas.

To gain excellent grade in this PPT, please review the Rubric which is in the attached file for grading system.

I have List the course syllabus below as well as attached the textbook to know what we are studying in this course, and to read and understand the textbook in order to deliver an original and high-quality work.

Course Sylbuse:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment

Chapter 3: Culture and Business

Chapter 4: World Economies

Chapter 5: Global and Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration

Chapter 6: International Monetary System

Chapter 7: Foreign Exchange and the Global Capital Markets

Chapter 8: International Expansion and Global Market Opportunity Assessment

Chapter 9: Exporting, Importing, and Global Sourcing

Chapter 10: Strategy and International Business

Chapter 11: Global Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

Chapter 12: Winning through Effective, Global Talent Management

Chapter 13: Harnessing the Engine of Global Innovation

Chapter 14: Competing Effectively through Global Marketing, Distribution, and Supply-Chain Management

Chapter 15: Understanding the Roles of Finance and Accounting in Global Competitive Advantage

This work must be done within 3 days from now.

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