University of Illinois Infant Gut Associated Bacterium Species Discussion

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Name of journal and date of publication: Bifidobacterium species associated with breastfeeding produce aromatic lactic acids in the infant gut

Nature Microbiology, October 21, 2021
Authors names (first and last authors only):
Martin F. Laursen, Henrik M. Roager

Your group’s summary to why this research article:

In this article, researchers found an enzyme Bifidobacteria use to turn aromatic amino acid from breastmilk into lactic acid derivatives in the infant’s gut. Then, they argue that the lactic acid derivatives play an important role in the infant immune system. They showed how the metabolic pathway of a bacterium in the gut microbiome could enhance the immunity of the host. Thus this research utilized techniques such as 16s rRNA sequencing and recombinant expressions, which are techniques commonly used in Microbiology. Therefore, we think this article is worthy of being presented in class.

A. List(bullet format) the key points addressed in each of the following sections of your group’s scientific article.

  1. Introduction Section (at least 5 key points)
  2. Results Section (at least 6 key points)
  3. Methods (at least 4 key points)
  4. Discussion/Conclusion (at least 4 key points)

B. Provide Background .List 5 key points that you would like to address in the introduction part of your presentation. This should be an overview of the topic. This part should help the audience easily follow the discussion of the research article. For each key point, include a figure that would help the audience understand the information.

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