Unit 5 Discussion 2

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Social Support Networks

Make a list of your social support network.

  • Who are the people who comprise your social network?
  • What is their relationship to you?

Describe how often and in what ways you make contact with your family, friends, and social supports. Now imagine that you are 70–80 years of age.

  • Who do you imagine would be in your family, friends, and social support network?
  • What or who might you no longer have in your support circle? Why?
  • What do the course readings inform about social support networks?
  • How do the readings apply to your network?

Please remember, this is a discussion, but it is a scholarly discussion. As such, your posts should reflect having read and applied the course material. Your discussion posts (initial and peer response posts) should contain in-text citations and reference lists, and should follow APA style and format.

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