UM Graph Summary Annotation Bibliography

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a biology multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Part 1

TOPIC: Climate Change.

You may pick how climate change effects are seen globally or locally. You may pick different aspects of climate change to study such as temperature, precipitation, mean sea level, polar ice sheets or similar

Your annotated bibliography should:

  • include one primary research paper and one review paper (i.e., a secondary resource) related to your topic of interest. You will be using these research papers in a later lab
    • both of your citations should be recent (i.e., published within last 15 years)
    • both should be formatted using the CSE Style
    • both sources should be published in scientific, peer reviewed journals
  • below each citation you should add bullet points to:
    • indicate whether each source is a primary article (i.e., include new research and has a methods and results section) or secondary article (i.e., a review article that has no methods/results sections)
    • summarize the main points of each source using no fewer than five complete sentences, these sentences should be in your own words, DO NOT:
      • copy phrases or sentences from anyone else,
      • use quotes (i.e., by copying sentences and placing quotations around them)
    • define any jargon using simple terms (i.e., assume absolutely no specialized vocabulary
    • Part 2 For the file attached
    • The data is provided in the doc attached
    • write a good figure caption,
    • include your estimated P value based upon the graphical overlap between 95% confidence intervals around the two means on the graph,
    • and a clear statement about the means, are the means statistically different or NOT statistically different?

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