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     Jesus’ extraordinary authority is evident in many ways: claim to be the
inaugurator of the kingdom of God, his authority over demons and disease, his
claim to speak for God, his authority over the law, his forgiveness of sins,
and his claim to be the final judge of all people.

 Jesus’ aims or intentions are
seen in various ways:

a. He appoints the Twelve representing
the remnant of Israel and the end-times people of God

b. He associates with sinners and
outcasts, offering them free forgiveness of sins in the new age of salvation.

c. He repeatedly hints that his message
will go to the Gentiles, evidence that Isaiah’s promise of light to the
Gentiles is now being fulfilled (lsa.42:6;49:6).

d. Jesus entry into Jerusalem on a
donkey was an intentional enactment of Zechariah 99 indicating that Jesus is
the peace-bringing king of Israel. e. Jesus’ clearing of the temple was likely
a symbolic act of judgment, indicating that the age of temple worship was
giving way to the new covenant age of salvation.

While Jesus does not explicitly identify himself as divine in the Synoptic,
his claims to speak and act with the authority of Yahweh come close and suggest
that the church’s later christological confessions are a natural development of
meditation on the significance of Jesus’ person and work.

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