Topic: Health Cultural Interview –

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review the Course Project Milestone 1 Guidelines for your detailed information. You will then secondly (2nd) review the Course Project Objective Guidelines, and finally and thirdly (3rd) you will answer/fill-out directly on the form provided for you labeled:
• Course Project Milestone 1: Interviewee Profile Form
DO NOT send me an essay format!
ONCE again I repeat answer and fill-out the “Course Project Milestone 1: Interviewee Profile Form” that is provided for you as an attachment and return that form filled out with the answers that it seeks.
The interviewee in question is:
• 58 year old Philippino Female Registered Nurse that has been living in the United States for 7 years originally from the Philippines, and is presently working as my (I am a 56 year old Latino male that has resided in the United States since the age of 8 years old, and I work in the Urgent Care Unit of the Sheriff’s Department Medical Services Bureau) co-worker colleague in the Staff Development Unit of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Medical Services Bureau as a Correctional Nurse Instructor.
Aurelia Balenton has resided for the total 7 years she has been in the United States of America in Eagle Rock, California:
Ethnicity demographic is 40 % Latino, 29% White, 23.9 Asian, 4.1 % Other Race, and 1.9 % Black. Asian the ethnic grouping Aurelia Balenton belongs to is the 3rd largest group in the community in which she resides. According to:
Aurelia Balenton has been experiencing severe headaches of unknown origin and/or etiology for the last two years, and she has been seeking health care assistance to diagnose and resolve/treat the problem, but has yet to obtain a diagnosis let alone treatment after several medical studies, medical labs, and medical test. As a Philippino woman she has a lot of ethnic cultural health beliefs, along with cultural Catholic religious beliefs, and cultural folklore medicine beliefs that she has from the Philippines. Aurelia Balenton has seek health care assistance with her American Provider PPO. She feels a lack of professional patient to provider relationship because of PPO contracted medical providers. Aurelia Balenton is accustomed to the Philippines where she knew her doctor of choice well, and the doctor not only knew her well, but cared for most members of her immediate and extended families.
Writer please feel free to improvise the rest to fill in the questions below, know that the interviewee is 58 year old Philippino Female Registered Nurse that has been living in the United States for 7 years originally from the Philippines.
QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED on the “Course Project Milestone 1: Interviewee Profile Form”
1. Describe the interviewee: profession or career, culture of origin, and working phone number. Be specific. (20 points)
2. State the number of years the interviewee has resided in your community. Please verify that the interviewee has been living in a culture other than the one of origin for at least the past 3–5 years. Provide a description of the current community (your community). Be specific. (20 points)
3. Describe your relationship with the interviewee, such as friend, colleague, classmate, employee at local restaurant, healthcare worker, migrant worker, and so on. Describe the healthcare services that the interviewee has received in the current environment or community. (10 points)
4. Enumerate reasons why you selected this interviewee that speak to the interviewee’s culture and experiences with the healthcare system. Be specific. (45 points)

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