Topic: Alternative Liquid Fuels

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Plagiarism must be not more than

(a) identify a TITLE

and THESIS STATEMENT, (b) identify two natural (or health)

science areas that relate to the problem, (c) cite 3 Primary

References. (This section is NOT a part of the 2-4 pages.

ABSTRACT – a brief summary of the paper that presents the thesis
(i.e. statement of the problem) as well as the summary of the pertinent
data, methods used, and final conclusion (i.e. summary of findings). This is positioned as a brief indented paragraph of about 3-
4 lines or about 200 words that is indicated before the body of the

INTRODUCTION or BACKGROUND – a general presentation of
the research problem, which includes the thesis statement (or
hypothesis), outline of the process that you will used to address the
major questions, and stating your own position.
d. METHODOLOGY – a summary of the methods, experiments used
to collect and verify the data/information collected.
e. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION – a statement and summary of your
findings and their relevance to the thesis
f. CONCLUSION – a summary or restatement of the results of the
study, its implications, strengths and weaknesses, application to
society, ways to improve the results or the relevance of the results to
other problems or questions.
g. REFERENCES – citing of sources. (Your paper should have 3-5
references formatted using APA or ACS citation styles. This section
is also NOT a part of the 2-4 pages.
i. Use original sources such as centers for disease control (CDC),
FDA, USDA, EPA, NIH and other government sites.
ii. DO NOT use simple references such as Wikipedia and other
encyclopedia sources. Points will be taken off if less than 3
references or if one of the references is Wikipedia. Also,
consider going to the library to use various sources that may not
be on-line. Use journals such as JAMA, Nature, Science,
etc. You may also use Scientific American. Try and find some
opinions written by experts in the topic of your
choice. Reference magazines, newspapers, journals etc.

Has to be in the paper

1) Discuss the organic liquid fuels – ethanol and methanol.

2) Include a brief history of these fuels.

3) When were they first used as fuels?

4) How were they produced 100 years ago and how are they produced today? What starting materials are used today for their synthesis (production)?

5) Discuss the energy content of these fuels (use BTU’s when discussing energy content). 6) How efficient are these fuels when used in automobiles? Discuss octane number.

7) What is some of the current research into the production of these fuels?

8) Why aren’t they used more? Can these fuels solve the energy crisis?

9) Discuss the use of these fuels worldwide and at the local level.

10) What is the Federal government currently doing to promote the use of these liquid fuels?

11) How has the use of ethanol affected the price of corn? What is the situation with ethanol subsidies and the Federal government?

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