To write a “How-To do something’ essay.

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This is an essay that asks you to teach something you know very well in a clear, easy to follow, step-by-step instruction and analysis in a funny tone or mood that shows your style. It is usually 3 pages.

Here is an overview:

1. Creative title and bold opening sentence. First introduce the topic and state its importance in a thesis statement. What is the value of the process?

2. Mention supplies and tools that are needed.

3. 3-5 Technical Terms about the topic. What are some advanced words (I call fancy words) for the process that you can teach the reader?

4. Step-by-step easy to follow instruction and analysis. It can be funny!

5. Within each step, encourage the reader, talk about your own experience in learning the process.

6. Incorporate a few quotations from experts related to your topic and if you agree or disagree. These are called in-text citations.

For example: Martha Graham once said, “……..” (Graham, title of book, page #) I agree with Graham’s statement. Practicing every day is very important.

Find 3-5 interesting quotes from experts pertaining to the topic your are writing about for your Process Analysis Paper. They could be famous artists, or your teachers, or anyone who is established in the field you are writing about. Quote the authors name or name of article or book, like this: “Hark who goes there” (Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.). This is an in-text citation.

Remember to provide a list of references that you used in the paper in the last page of the essay. This is the Works Cited Page.

The is a list of the research sources in alphabetical order by last name, first name, title, web, date it was written and date you found it on the web. Please see the sample Works Cited page I handed out last week. This is, Easy and AAU videos on MLA citation.

7. Use visual examples and attach a few small pictures, graphs or charts in the body of the essay, or at the end of the essay as needed to help the reader. You can add pictures!

8. Conclusion and results of following your steps. The conclusion will talk about results. Once we completed the steps that you teach in the essay we will be able to complete the task and do the process on our own.

9. Include a Works Cited page at the end of the essay with a list of references that you used in MLA format. We will work on this and look at samples. This is an alphabetized list of authors according to last name, first name, book or article title, page number, year published and include the URL link. For example:

Legon, John. “The Cubit and the Egyptian Canon of Art.” The Cubit and
the Egyptian Canon of Art. N.p., (No page) Web.
21 Mar. 2017. <>.

Since my major is fashion design, I think it might be a good idea to write something can be relate to my major.

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